Most workplaces have naturally established a rhythm when it comes to the hours worked by employees, with arrival times and overtime loosely tracked either anecdotally or manually. In most cases, this is not the optimal format to hinge a business’ payroll on, nor is it efficient to those tasked with managing and submitting timesheets at the end of each week. Fortunately, there is time and attendance tracking technology that can log hours worked for payroll teams to incorporate into pay runs with 100% automation.

If you would like to introduce time and attendance tracking to your workplace but anticipate that there could be questions raised surrounding trust, our i3Group payroll consultants have created a guide to a seamless implementation. With the right communication and set-up from our i3Group consultants, time and attendance tracking can bridge any accuracy gaps your payroll may be facing each pay cycle.

Get Management On Board

Your line managers have a direct influence on the culture of their teams, and so you should discuss the purpose of time and attendance tracking with each of them before rollout. You may also wish to ask how they suggest you approach this change with the greater workforce. Explain that this integration will save managers having to chase their team for hours and will free up their time to focus on other department priorities. Impart on your managers that they will have greater transparency over employee performance, and will be able to reward or provide support based on these findings.

Provide Reasoning And Context

If your workforce does not have context over the payroll processes of your business, then they may not see this time and attendance tracking for the opportunity it presents but rather as a tool to doubt their integrity. This misconception can have an impact on your workplace culture. Instead, frame the decision by giving real-world examples of how this technology will also benefit them and their efforts at work. Overtime will be recognised in reports, shift completion commended, and it might even highlight areas that can be further optimised for your employees.

Choose The Right Time And Attendance Tracking

Like the concept itself, time and attendance tracking is incredibly modern in the ways that it can monitor employee performance. It might be an idea to engage your workforce by asking them what form of tracking they would prefer – facial ID scan, biometrics proximity card or biometrics finger scan. By designing this system as a team, you might see greater engagement and uptake in technology as they also chose the components. Be sure to consider your industry and the nature of your work when deciding on a tracking format.

Usage And Guidance

Understanding the reasoning and understanding the technology are two separate conversations that you will have to have with your workforce. Place your time and attendance tracking systems at the entry and exit points of your workplace and include accompanying signage to ensure there is a clear usage instruction. If you have after-hours team members or occasional workers, be sure to also communicate these changes with them so that they understand their responsibility. You also want to inform your employees that if and when they forget to scan their arrival or exit from work that they are emailing their line manager, HR or the payroll team.

Technical Compliance

Now that you have brought your workforce on the implementation journey and explained the reasoning and benefits, it is time to make sure you are technically set up. You can either outsource this task to our i3Group payroll consultants or you can operate it internally by having management and payroll ensure that each employee is being tracked correctly and receiving the right pay. Fortunately, many of these systems will alert management if there is incomplete tracking or hours that look to be outside of standard shift hours. In no time at all, time and attendance tracking will be saving you time and effort every pay cycle.


Change of any kind will always have a mixed reception in the workforce, but you can mitigate any resistance to time and attendance tracking by clarifying the holistic benefits to every member of your team. If you would like to learn more about time and attendance tracking and the success our i3Group payroll consultants have had with implementation, contact us today. Regardless of your business format, we can tailor a solution that will garner greater transparency and accuracy to your payroll.

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