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Payroll Integration Services

i3Group is more than a payroll partner, but a solution that can integrate with your existing products and software. Just like the businesses we serve, our i3Group payroll solutions are multifaceted and perform best when they are part of a bigger picture, getting more mileage for our clients who require agility and seamless service above all else. This integration functionality sets i3Group apart from other payroll providers on the market, able to facilitate products to connect through an API. Call us today on 1300 927 367book a demo or fill in the form to find out more today!

Payroll + HR Software Integration

Given the close relationship HR has with payroll processes, it’s not surprising that many i3Group clients are interested in the integration capabilities that i3Group facilitate. Our adaptable and leading payroll solutions can be integrated with any HR software products on the market, via an API. Bring some much-needed cohesion to your business by automating your staff payroll with i3Group’s HR software integration. Not sure your HR software will be compatible with our API? Reach out to our team today to discuss your options and find out how much time you can get back by integrating your software.

Payroll + Time & Attendance Software Integration

Payroll can often be held up by needing to finalise time & attendance tracking before reflecting these hours in your scheduled payroll. This no longer needs to be the case with i3Group’s payroll processes integrating with compatible time & attendance software via an API. With the granular detail, you can glean from this new software, make sure you are taking full advantage of all the capabilities available and use a payroll partner that can establish an integration that makes time & attendance tracking a consistent part of payroll.

Payroll + HR Onboarding Systems Integration

Onboarding is a time-consuming task, made simpler with the introduction of HR onboarding systems. What you might not have explored is how you can integrate these systems with i3Groups payroll offering, making the onboarding process a seamless task that reduces the chance of human error or lost hours. Spend your time investing in the onboarding process and let our systems extract the required information from your HR onboarding systems. If you want to learn about how you can integrate your HR onboarding systems or which systems our payroll professionals recommend, contact the team today.

Don’t be caught double-handling tasks that could easily be integrated, and connect your i3Group payroll to your HR software, time & attendance systems or HR onboarding systems. Contact i3Group today and find out what integrations are possible in your business, and how our payroll solutions can provide a frictionless experience.


Finance Systems

Our payroll and finance systems integration services help you eliminate redundancies and reduce manual data entry tasks, saving your team precious time and resources. Our services ensure seamless integration and a fluid exchange of data between your payroll and finance systems. A general ledger can be provided with any finance system that accepts CSV files, making the transition painless.

Overall, our payroll integration services help to increase the accuracy, efficiency, and compliance of financial accounting processes related to payroll. Don’t get caught up in the details or run the risk of errors. Speak to the team at i3Group about payroll and finance system integration today.

HR and Time & Attendance Systems

In the world of business, payroll, HR and time and attendance systems go hand in hand, and with i3Group payroll integration services, managing all three has never been easier.

Via an API, we can seamlessly integrate with any type of HR and/or Time and Attendance System. This innovative solution streamlines your processes, eliminating the need for redundant manual data entry and reducing the risk of errors.

Whether it’s employee hours, leave, or other HR-related data, everything is conveniently synchronised. With our payroll integration services, you can track work hours accurately, manage leaves effectively, and process payroll seamlessly. Don’t wait, call the team at i3Group today to learn more.

Get Started Integrating Your Payroll Systems

Don’t be caught double-handling tasks that could easily be integrated, and connect your i3Group payroll to your HR software, time & attendance systems or HR onboarding systems.

Contact i3Group today and find out what integrations are possible in your business, and how our payroll solutions can provide a frictionless experience.

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From the beginning, i3 Group has been extremely consultative and continue to deliver a complete payroll service without fault. It’s a huge peace of mind and saves me a lot of time in trying to get my head around award interpretations and compliances.

Steven Lord, Digital Next
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More Than Just Payroll Integration Solutions

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Fully Managed Payroll

Since 2002, i3Group have proudly transformed many organisations’ payroll division, across a multitude of industries, through premier payroll outsourcing.


Single Touch Payroll (STP)

Your business is now required by the ATO to use single touch payroll. Are you STP compliant yet? Find out more about our STP Compliance services.


Corporate Payroll Services

No matter how large your business, i3Group are your local specialists in relieving the burden of processing payroll and remaining ATO compliant.


Payroll Consulting Services

Since 2002, our payroll consultants have been raising the potential of payroll systems to improve efficiency, profitability and compliance.


Payroll Disbursements

If payroll is becoming a larger burden to handle than desired, outsourcing all or just a portion of your payroll activities may be your saving grace.


Time & Attendance

Complete with mobile applications, geographical tracking, biometric scanning and email notifications, your time and attendance process just got easier.


Multi Factor Authentication

Say no to fraudsters and protect your business finances through multi-factor authentication by i3Group. Take a look at how we keep your finances secure.

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