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Agriculture Payroll Services

The list of things to do on a farm property can be endless, with payroll responsibilities adding to the list for busy farm owners and management. i3Group has worked with clients for over 21 years in various industries. If you employ full-time, part-time and casual employees and would like to have a more streamlined agriculture payroll solution, then i3Group can implement a modern solution that will support your business throughout every season. Those who work in the horticulture and farming industry will be all too familiar with how effective a comprehensive system and chain of command can be, and by working with a payroll partner like i3Group, your business can get back to the important work that supports Australian business. Call us today on 1300 927 367book a demo or fill in the form to find out more today!

Whether you pay your employees on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis, i3Group will deliver a compliant and on-time pay cycle to your local or dispersed employees. As an Australian-owned and operated business with a passion for empowering businesses, i3Group can partner with your farm or agriculture property to support your employees and champion ATO compliance.

Comprehensive Agriculture Payroll Systems

For businesses that have always had a ‘good enough’ payroll system in place, this could actually be creating more work throughout the working year and disadvantaging already stretched business owners and management. By partnering with i3Group, your agriculture property will receive direction and expertise from a team of payroll professionals who have worked with farm businesses across Australia. Enjoy the peace of mind in knowing that all employees will be paid to your chosen pay cycle, with complete ATO compliance. As an Australian-owned and operated business with an unwavering commitment to clients, i3Group can establish a successful agriculture payroll solution that is tailored to your business.

i3Group’s agriculture payroll services include the following:

Why Choose i3Group Agriculture Payroll Services?

It’s a priority for all Australians to support our agriculture and farming business, but that means establishing a tried and tested payroll ecosystem that is geared towards success. By outsourcing i3Group’s payroll professionals, you are investing in greater freedom and compliance, relieving your own internal team of the payroll duties. If you are ready to implement a streamlined payroll solution that eliminates the need for double-handling and other outdated tasks, then it’s time to work with one of Australia’s most proffered outsourced payroll providers. Here is why farm businesses are choosing i3Group.

1. Compliant and reliable payroll solutions

Payroll is a core focus for both employer and employee and providing accurate and on-time pay every week, fortnight or month is the bare minimum that businesses should be providing. i3Group has had significant success in establishing effective payroll solutions for clients, and this is achieved through over 21 years of experience and by assessing the changes to award rates and legislation continuously. Do not be in a position where changes pass you by and you fail to pay employees their entitled wages, and partner with an outsourced agriculture payroll provider that can identify these instances.

2. Enhanced roster management systems

A common complaint that our i3Group payroll professionals hear is that there is too much time assigned to roster management and double handing. When partnering with i3Group, you can access the expertise of our payroll team who will provide more streamlined integrations so that your rosters and payroll are syncing, as well as other systems that are adding value to your business. Agriculture and farming businesses can be heavily reliant on staff rosters, so allow i3Group to reduce the friction here and provide greater functionality.

3. Tailored payroll

With the modern technology and decades of experience that i3Group provide, agriculture and farm businesses can expect and benefit from a tailored payroll system. This means retaining software systems that are working for the business, establishing a pay cycle that supports your unique workflow, or even implementing remote payroll solutions if your team are disturbed throughout the region. A templated payroll solution will rarely consider every function of a business, so work with a payroll team that can provide various agriculture payroll responsibilities or provide a full-service solution. 

Seamless professional payroll for the agriculture industry

Agriculture and farm businesses can be fast-paced and often unpredictable landscape, which is why there is a great advantage to implementing a reliable and successful payroll system. i3Group brings over 21 years of expertise and can design a custom payroll solution for your employees and management. i3Group’s payroll consultants are ready to hear more about your payroll needs and provide a framework that works. 

Call 1300 928 367 today to speak with i3Group and book a demo to understand what a custom payroll service can look like for your farm or agriculture business. The professional team at i3Group have added value to business types across Australia including payroll that supports the manufacturing, hospitality, school payroll, healthcare and telecom industry.

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Regardless of your company size and complexity, i3Group offers a fully managed end-to-end payroll solution, fully customised to individual business needs. Find out more.

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From the beginning, i3 Group has been extremely consultative and continue to deliver a complete payroll service without fault. It’s a huge peace of mind and saves me a lot of time in trying to get my head around award interpretations and compliances.

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