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Payroll Outsourcing in Australia

i3Group is proud to be a leading provider of outsourced payroll services Australia. For over 21 years we’ve built a reputation as the experts in payroll management for organisations nationwide. Our team has the skills and experience to manage even the most complex payroll systems for a wide range of organisations and industries in Australia. Leveraging intuitive technology, modern training and meticulous attention to detail, i3Group ensures accurate, timely, and compliant payroll processing. Call us today on 1300 927 367book a demo or fill in the form to find out more today!

Payroll Services Australia

Payroll management is a vital part of any business enterprise, but it can also be incredibly time consuming. Making the choice to outsource your payroll in Australia can have manifold benefits for a business. We provide you with leading payroll services in Australia.

Firstly, it saves valuable time by automating complex and time-consuming tasks like wage calculations, tax withholdings, and superannuation, freeing up internal resources for core business operations. 

Secondly, it helps ensure compliance with ATO regulations and Fair Work requirements, mitigating potential penalties and legal issues. Outsourcing payroll in payroll provides you with peace of mind and the opportunity to invest your time and attention into the areas of your business that need the most. 

Payroll outsourcing in Australia provides scalability, allowing businesses to adjust payroll services according to their growth and changing needs. So whether you’re expanding and hiring more employees or one day needing to downsize, we’ll provide you with a payroll system that can easily adapt. Our payroll solutions in Australia type of flexibility also allows for the smooth integration of any additional services as your business evolves, further reducing the administrative burden.

Outsourced Payroll Services in Australia

At i3Group, our outsourced payroll services in Australia provide you with fully managed end-to-end payroll solutions; customised to your individual business needs. Outsourcing payroll doesn’t just take the stress out of handling this non-core activity, it also takes away any barriers to efficiency or potential business growth. 

Our personalised approach enables us to cater to each organisation’s unique needs. The team at i3Group sees themselves as more than just a provider of payroll outsourcing in Australia, they’re here to provide you with a seamless process that results in accurate and compliant payroll which also meets the unique needs of your business. 

Whilst our main i3Group office is in Melbourne, our payroll solutions in Australia allow us to offer outsourced payroll services in SydneyBrisbaneAdelaidePerth, and Darwin.

We’ve dedicated ourselves to crafting a unique, robust software fortified with supporting technology that ensures not only dependability but also confidentiality. This includes specialised reporting capabilities and a variety of customisable functions that can be tailored to best suit your business and industry needs. Put simply, when you outsource your payroll solution in Australia with i3Group, you’ll have access to purpose-built software managed by a team of specialists who are always striving to make the process more efficient and adaptable for you.

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Our Payroll Outsourcing Services in Australia

The outsourcing payroll services provided by i3Group provides Australian businesses with a multitude of benefits in terms of efficiency and cost-effectiveness when juxtaposed with the expense of employing dedicated payroll staff. Plus, it brings supplementary advantages to employees at all levels of your business. Whether you’re considering replacing your internal payroll team or just seeking to augment your current workforce, i3Group offers flexible solutions for payroll outsourcing in Australia.


Corporate Payroll Services

Find a payroll solution in step with your Sydney business, and leverage over 20 years of industry experience and payroll success.


Managed Cloud Payroll

Say hello to complete flexibility with cloud payroll services that keep you updated no matter where you are in the world.


Payroll Consulting Services

i3Group has championed payroll in businesses across all industries, enhancing efficiency and process bottlenecks top down.


Time & Attendance

Complete with mobile applications, geographical tracking, biometric scanning and email notifications, your time and attendance process just got easier.


Payroll Disbursements

If payroll is becoming a larger burden to handle than desired, outsourcing all functions or just a portion of your payroll activities may be the right move for your business.


Single Touch Payroll (STP)

Your business is now required by the ATO to use single touch payroll. Are you STP compliant yet? Find out more about our STP Compliance services and how we can assist.


Multi Factor Authentication

Say no to fraudsters and protect your business finances through multi-factor authentication by i3Group. Take a look at how we keep your finances secure.


Disaster Recovery

At i3Group, we take the security, integrity and administration of your payroll very seriously. The compounding damage that can occur during a disaster is something.



Want to bring an enhanced streamline approach to your payroll and other employee software? Talk to your i3Group consultants about an integration plan.

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