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Payroll Solutions Built For Australian Small Businesses

Managing a workforce of 50-100 employees requires a deceptive level of administrative infrastructure. From understaffing to organising staff leave, there are unique challenges that accompany managing the payroll and scheduling for small-sized businesses. Because of this, Australian small businesses are advised to invest in payroll solutions that cater specifically to small businesses and their operational processes.

With over 21 years of experience in providing tailored payroll solutions for Australian business owners, i3Group is well-versed in the intricacies of managing payroll and time and attendance systems for small businesses. We know what matters to small business owners today, and we deliver these key requirements on all fronts – from flexibility, cost-efficiency, and access to innovative analytics and reporting capabilities.

Want to see what payroll services we can offer for your small business? Get started by viewing our payroll management services and our industry solutions today. If you want further information, call us today on 1300 927 367, book a demo or fill in the form to have a payroll professional contact you.

A Payroll Solution That Caters To Small Business Budgets

For small businesses with 50-100 employees, your primary focus when it comes to managing your company payroll is maintaining cost-efficiency. Thankfully, i3Group is equipped to offer flexible payroll solutions that allow small businesses to only select the features they need. This provides Australian small businesses with the opportunity to maximise their budget and maintain greater control over budget optimisation.

With payroll solutions that are tailored to accommodate small business budgets, companies with 50-100 employees can maintain minimal operational costs without having to compromise on convenience. Our payroll solutions for small businesses can help free up precious hours across your company’s human resources and administrative departments.

Whether you’re looking to secure modern single touch payroll services to ensure industry compliance or you’re seeking to bolster the digital security of your payroll solution by incorporating security measures like multi-factor authentication, i3Group will be sure to have the tailored solutions to suit your small business.

Want to know more about how we can tailor our payroll solutions for your small business budget? Contact our team to inquire about our intuitive payroll services today.

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Business Sizes We Service To

No matter the size of your business – small, medium, or large, it has specific demands and i3Group can help make your work easier to operate efficiently. Talk to our team today about the payroll services we offer to different company sizes and let us customise a solution that you can confidently support, ensuring optimal results for your enterprise.



100-200 Employees (Medium Sized Businesses)

For a medium-sized business comprising 100 to 200 employees, integrating expert payroll practices into your operations can save you significant time, resources & energy.


200-1000 Employees (Global/Large Businesses)

A global or large-scale enterprise with a staff strength ranging between 200-1,000 employees, requires seamless and secure payroll solutions. 

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