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For over 21 years now, i3Group has revolutionised the way businesses conduct their payroll and has earned a reputation in the market as a leading and reliable financial partner. By identifying a gap in the market, our skilled payroll professionals have taken this core function out of the house to ensure a compliant and seamless payroll for businesses of all shapes and sizes. From smooth payroll integrations to comprehensive cloud payroll and reporting, enjoy burden-free payroll solutions in Adelaide with i3Group. Call us today on 1300 927 367book a demo or fill in the form to find out more today!

Leading Payroll Services In Adelaide

Payroll looks different for every business, with size and structure governing the processes and their subsequent outcomes. i3Group works with companies that span many industries, providing comprehensive outsourced payroll services for your unique needs, regardless of your size and structure. If you’re looking to enhance your payroll services in Adelaide and receive a seamless end-to-end payroll experience, our i3Group professionals can tailor an option for you.

As the business landscape continues to change, archaic processes are falling by the wayside, with outsourced payroll services in Adelaide rising to popularity and providing a truly bespoke approach. When partnering with i3Group, you can rest assured that our experienced payroll professionals will not only set up a sustainable infrastructure, but we will also guide you through the change to ensure that it’s embraced and leveraged within your internal team. 

i3Group has invested in state-of-the-art technology and software that guarantees compliance, and easy-to-use interface and customisation – in addition to our team being available around the clock for any required support. If you would like to place your payroll responsibility into the hands of an experienced, responsive and leading payroll service in Adelaide, speak to our team today.

Dedicated Adelaide Payroll Management

With i3Group forging the way for payroll services in Adelaide, you might be wondering how i3Group differs from other providers, and why we have garnered the strong portfolio of clients we support. Our team of experienced payroll professionals not only oversee this function, but we completely manage it end-to-end, relieving you of the headcount and commitment.

i3Group’s payroll management in Adelaide includes small business payroll and corporate payroll, but our team are also able to facilitate time & attendance management and payroll consultancy. Whichever professional service you are seeking, our team will provide a high standard of professionalism and confidentiality so that you can trust and rely on our brilliant team.

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Adelaide Payroll Outsourcing

Outsourcing doesn’t mean impersonal, in fact, it means exactly the opposite at i3Group. Talk to our team today about Adelaide payroll outsourcing services, and allow us to tailor a solution that you can stand behind, and get the best outcomes for your business.


Corporate Payroll Services

i3Group has supported the growth and performance of corporate Adelaide businesses big and small with ATO compliant payroll processing.


Cloud Payroll Services

Comprehensively manage your payroll from any device and any location with our specialist-managed cloud payroll services.


Payroll Consulting Services

Our Adelaide payroll consultants have improved efficiency, compliance and profitability for clients for nearly 20 years, regardless of scope or business size.


Time & Attendance

Complete with mobile applications, geographical tracking, biometric scanning and email notifications, your time and attendance process just got easier.


Payroll Disbursements

If payroll is becoming a larger burden to handle than desired, outsourcing all functions or just a portion of your payroll activities may be the right move for your business.


Single Touch Payroll (STP)

Your business is now required by the ATO to use single touch payroll. Are you STP compliant yet? Find out more about our STP Compliance services and how we can assist.


Multi Factor Authentication

Say no to fraudsters and protect your business finances through multi-factor authentication by i3Group. Take a look at how we keep your finances secure.


Disaster Recovery

At i3Group, we take the security, integrity and administration of your payroll very seriously. The compounding damage that can occur during a disaster is something.



Our Adelaide i3Group consultants will put forward optimal integration opportunities that will reduce double handling and give you greater control over your business.

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