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With over two decades of expertise, we have delivered specialised cloud payroll services to Australian owned businesses, successfully navigating every challenge that emerged along the way.


Cloud Payroll Management

With work-from-home online payroll solutions and more complex management practices being integrated into the business, online cloud payroll is integral to maximising the efficiency of any business. Payroll management is a vital, but often time-consuming process. Leaving cloud based payroll software to the hands of professionals will relieve the burden of payroll processing. With over 21 years of experience supporting large and small companies from every industry, i3Group are the cloud payroll specialist you can trust.

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Our Cloud Payroll Solutions

A single, scalable payroll solution for businesses in Australia

In recent years, the popularity of remote working has grown. As a result, many businesses find themselves in need of cloud payroll software services. Our team of cloud payroll specialists has the skills and experience to implement, manage and optimise cloud based payroll software solutions for your business. Furthermore, our cloud payroll services relieve the burden of managing transactions and staff wages in the office. With nothing but a computer and an internet connection, you and your staff will be able to access your online payroll system and operate and control everything about payroll from any location.

Our cloud payroll services include the following:

Employee self-serve kiosk, agriculture payroll
Employee Selfs Service Kiosk
payroll processsing
Payroll Processing
Superannuation payment services
Superannuation Payment Services
deductions managment
Deductions Management Services
award interpretation
Award Interpretation
costing splits
Costing Splits
Multi-factor authentication
Multi-Factor Authentication
Auto General ledger upload
Auto General Ledger Upload Files
Earnings, tax and super calculations
Earnings, Tax & Super Calculations
monthly superannuation processing
Monthly Superannuation Processing
fair work compliance
Fair Work Compliance
manager self service kiosk
Manager Self-Service Kiosk
HRIS functionality
HRIS Functionality
Tailored Reporting
Tailored Reporting
PAYG payment summaries
Annual STP Statements
superannuation fund payroll
Annualised Salary Comparatives
Single touch payroll
Single Touch Payroll
Time and attendance options
Time & Attendance Options
End of month reporting
End of Month Reporting
payroll tax returns
Payroll Tax Returns
STP lodgements
STP Lodgements
Payroll legislation updates
Payroll Legislation Updates

Why Outsource Cloud Based Payroll?

Each business has its own distinct needs and though not every company requires a comprehensive payroll management system, implementing a cloud based payroll can efficiently address gaps and boost operational workflows with your business.

4 key benefits of outsourcing your cloud payroll include:

1. Secured cloud system

It’s important to note that stored data in the cloud is often much more secure than on local servers. As on premise data storage exposes your sensitive payroll information to risks such as significant technological failures or human errors.

With i3Group, cloud payroll providers dedicate substantial resources to securing data and infrastructure. Your payroll data is not only encrypted but also rigorously backed up, ensuring continuity and safety. This level of cloud based security helps protect your business against data loss and breaches, making cloud payroll a robust solution for managing your payroll needs securely.

payroll data security with cloud payroll

2. Reduces significant costs

Opting for cloud payroll solutions can dramatically boost your business’s return on investment whilst reducing your overall costs. There’s no requirement for purchasing or maintaining costly in house servers, nor any physical installation expenses. Moreover, there’s no need to invest in periodic software upgrades.

Updates are efficiently managed by our cloud service provider, ensuring your payroll operations never face downtime. This streamlined approach will not only cut costs but enhance the overall agility and productivity of your business.

Reduces significant costs with cloud payroll

3. Ensure tax compliance

Another beneficial aspect of our cloud payroll solutions is it ensure your business stays compliant with local, state and federal tax regulations. Our software systems automatically update to reflect the changes in tax laws, providing timely notifications to help your business stay informed about relevant legal adjustments.

As we all know, tax compliance can often be overwhelming for business owners but with cloud payroll, you gain the assurance that your payroll is accurate and compliant. Simplifying complex processes and giving you peace of mind to focus on other critical areas of your business.

Ensure tax compliance with cloud based payroll

4. Improves efficiency and accuracy

Enhancing both speed and precision, cloud payroll services stand as a pivotal asset for your business, especially when it comes to the taste of employee compensation.

While traditional payroll processing can often be frantic, last minute scramble for many HR and payroll departments. But, cloud payroll solutions offer a more streamlined approach by minimising manual intervention which would reduce the likelihood of errors and redundancies that are common with outdated on-premise systems. This not only ensures employees are paid correctly and on time but also significantly improves the efficiency of your overall business operations.

Improve efficiency and accuracy

The i3Group Difference - Why Us?

Regardless of your company size and complexity, i3Group offers a fully managed end-to-end payroll solution, fully customised to individual business needs - Find out more

australian owned

As a locally owned company, i3Group deeply understands the Australian business and regulatory environment, ensuring compliance and relevancy in their services.

high client retention

i3Group maintains a high retention rate due to their reliable, adaptive payroll services and outstanding customer support for a variety of clients in different industries.

education and experience

The team at i3Group consists of highly educated and experienced professionals who manage complex payroll tasks and stay updated with the latest legislative changes.

honest and ethical

i3Group is committed to honesty and ethical practices, prioritising transparency and integrity in all their dealings, which builds lasting trust with their clients.

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Valued Customer Comments

digital next australia

From the beginning, i3 Group has been extremely consultative and continue to deliver a complete payroll service without fault. We cannot remember a time when we haven’t been reliant upon i3Group and it’s a huge peace of mind knowing that I will never have to deal with payroll compliance or management again.

Steven Lord, Digital Next

We have been using the services of i3Group for near on 10 years now and truly appreciate the intimacy and support a smaller payroll provider brings to our business. John and the team at i3Group are not just a provider of payroll services for our business, but an integral part of our business that always strive to meet and exceed our expectations.

John Stevens, Tasman Butchers
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Take control of your payroll from anywhere with our cloud payroll services. By having easy integration with other HR software, changing to i3Group has never been easier. Feel confident that you’re remaining ATO compliant and trust us to interpret awards and pay conditions with cloud payroll solutions. We provide various payroll management services for your business, including corporate payroll services, online payroll servicespayroll consulting and time and attendance rostering systems.

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Cloud Payroll FAQs

If you have further questions about cloud payroll tips or how businesses can benefit from cloud based payroll, then explore our most frequently asked questions - Find Out More

  • What is cloud based payroll?

    Cloud based payroll is a modern payroll solution that operates on cloud computing technology, allowing businesses to manage their payroll operations via the Internet. This system stores all payroll-related data on secure servers accessed remotely, eliminating the need for physical storage or in-house servers. Cloud payroll offers real-time processing, meaning that updates and changes are instantly reflected across all devices with access. It provides scalability and flexibility, allowing businesses to adjust their services based on their size and growth.

    Moreover, cloud-based payroll facilitates remote access, making it possible for payroll managers to oversee and execute payroll from any location. This accessibility is particularly beneficial in today’s flexible working environments, ensuring that payroll operations are conducted smoothly and without delay, regardless of geographical constraints.

  • How does cloud payroll work?

    Cloud payroll functions by using cloud technology to host all payroll services and data on remote servers managed and maintained by the cloud provider. When a business subscribes to a cloud payroll service, its payroll data is transferred to the provider’s servers. This data can then be accessed and managed through a web interface, ensuring that payroll managers can perform their tasks from anywhere with an internet connection.

    The entire payroll process, from data entry to calculations and deductions, is automated, reducing the potential for human error and increasing efficiency. Adjustments in payroll, such as adding new employees or changing salary details, can be updated in real time, ensuring the system is always current. The provider also handles all software updates and security measures, freeing businesses from the need to perform manual updates or manage complex IT infrastructure.

  • How secure is cloud payroll?

    Security is a top priority in cloud payroll systems, as they handle sensitive personal and financial information. Reputable cloud payroll providers implement robust security measures, including data encryption, secure data centres, and regular security audits to protect against unauthorized access and data breaches. Encryption protects data both in transit and at rest, ensuring that all information is scrambled and unreadable to anyone without proper authorization.

    Additionally, cloud providers typically offer multi-factor authentication and controlled access permissions, which further secure access to the payroll system. Regular backups are performed to prevent data loss, and disaster recovery plans are in place to ensure payroll operations can continue uninterrupted in the event of a cyber attack or other disruptions. By adhering to strict security protocols and compliance standards, cloud payroll providers maintain a high level of data integrity and security.

  • Can cloud payroll hand compliance?

    Cloud payroll systems are well-equipped to handle compliance with local, regional, and national regulations. These systems are regularly updated to reflect the latest tax rates, reporting requirements, and government regulations. The cloud provider ensures that all legislative changes are integrated into the payroll system, enabling businesses to automatically comply with new laws without manual intervention. This is particularly valuable for businesses operating in multiple jurisdictions, as the cloud payroll system can simultaneously manage different compliance requirements.

    Additionally, cloud payroll systems often include features that assist in generating reports and documentation necessary for audits and regulatory checks. This automated approach to compliance not only saves time but also reduces the risk of penalties associated with non-compliance, providing businesses with peace of mind and allowing them to focus on core activities.

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At i3Group, consultation is a huge part of the startup process when outsourcing your payroll services. Simply fill out the form below for a free consulation with our payroll experts.

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