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About i3Group

i3Group is a name well known across the business landscape, becoming one of the leading providers of payroll services in Brisbane. With almost 20 years of operating, i3Group has taken the pressure and complex processes out of payroll, with our team of financial professionals taking on the responsibility of this core function. Through modern training and intuitive technology, we believe payroll doesn’t need to be a chore.

Outsourced Payroll Services in Brisbane

How does payroll look in your business, and what needs to be improved? For many, i3Groups leading payroll services in Brisbane alleviate the pressures felt within a business, and can even reduce the headcount or unload the responsible parties so that they can excel in other areas. If your payroll is becoming a hindrance to your output and efficiency, mistakes can often occur, and these are as expensive as they are inconvenient.

i3Group’s team of outsourced payroll professionals think of themselves as a partner to your business, smoothing out processes that are prone to friction and in a lot of cases, overhauling your procedures so that your business can assure compliant and on-time payroll. It’s what your employees require, and it’s our privilege to provide that to your team. This includes end-to-end payroll services in Brisbane and not just consulting, with the flexibility to tailor a payroll model that is going to get the best result for your unique business conditions.

As specialists in this field, we have worked hard to create software and supporting technology that is both reliable and confidential, also enabling specialist reports and a range of functions as required. This means that you have a purpose-built software that is tailored to your business, a team of payroll specialists working on your account, and the flexibility to gain more support, reporting and optimisations along the way.

The payroll services in Brisbane that are facilitated by i3Group provide tremendous value when compared to the cost of a team of payroll employees, not to mention the additional benefits extended to employees. i3Group can replace an internal payroll function, or simply complement your existing team. Speak with your payroll professionals today to understand what model makes sense for you and your business.

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Dedicated payroll management in Brisbane

Our i3Group payroll professionals are ready to discuss your payroll needs and put together a tailored solution that is going to yield you an improved payroll experience. This process might be a significant change for your employees, and that is not a consideration we take lightly and will work alongside you and your team to make this adjustment a positive and transparent experience. Our dedicated payroll management in Brisbane is not a faceless service, but a personal and ongoing relationship with a shared goal of enhancing payroll.


Corporate Payroll Services

No matter how large your business, i3Group are your local specialists in relieving the burden of processing payroll and remaining ATO compliant.


Small Business Payroll

We’re dedicated to supporting small businesses with advice, consultation and payroll services that huge corporations would typically receive.


Payroll Consulting Services

Since 2002, our payroll consultants have been raising the potential of payroll systems to improve efficiency, profitability and compliance.


Time & Attendance

Complete with mobile applications, geographical tracking, biometric scanning and email notifications, your time and attendance process just got easier.


Payroll Disbursements

If payroll is becoming a larger burden to handle than desired, outsourcing all functions or just a portion of your payroll activities may be the right move for your business.


Single Touch Payroll (STP)

Your business is now required by the ATO to use single touch payroll. Are you STP compliant yet? Find out more about our STP Compliance services and how we can assist.


Multi Factor Authentication

Say no to fraudsters and protect your business finances through multi-factor authentication by i3Group. Take a look at how we keep your finances secure.


Disaster Recovery

At i3Group, we take the security, integrity and administration of your payroll very seriously. The compounding damage that can occur during a disaster is something.

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