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Enhance business performance with expert payroll consulting services.

With over two decades of expertise, we have expertly delivered tailored payroll consulting services to meet the unique needs of Australian businesses. At i3Group, we've navigated and overcome a diverse array of challenges, providing scalable solutions that enhance payroll accuracy and compliance.


Expert Payroll Consulting Services For Your Business

Since 2002, our payroll consultants have been raising the potential of payroll systems to improve efficiency, profitability and compliance for businesses like yours. Whilst the objective of payroll consulting services has remained the same, technological advancements have resulted in missed opportunities for organisations that are not exploring new ways to improve the core of their business. To that extent, you may not have given this a great deal of management attention yourself, but payroll advisory and consultancy services are essential to any business and easily integrated with other HR functions.

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Tailored Payroll Consulting You Can Trust

A customised payroll consulting solution for dynamic Australian businesses

Every business has a unique DNA, with workforce size and structure influencing the specific payroll consulting services needed. Whether you have a lean team or a large workforce, i3Group can provide expert payroll consulting tailored to your requirements. Our payroll consultants are here to identify and address your payroll needs, providing consulting solutions for seamless efficiency in your business.

Typically, our consulting payroll services include the following:

Employee self-serve kiosk, agriculture payroll
Employee Selfs Service Kiosk
payroll processsing
Payroll Processing
Superannuation payment services
Superannuation Payment Services
deductions managment
Deductions Management Services
award interpretation
Award Interpretation
costing splits
Costing Splits
Multi-factor authentication
Multi-Factor Authentication
Auto General ledger upload
Auto General Ledger Upload Files
Earnings, tax and super calculations
Earnings, Tax & Super Calculations
monthly superannuation processing
Monthly Superannuation Processing
fair work compliance
Fair Work Compliance
manager self service kiosk
Manager Self-Service Kiosk
HRIS functionality
HRIS Functionality
Tailored Reporting
Tailored Reporting
PAYG payment summaries
Annual STP Statements
superannuation fund payroll
Annualised Salary Comparatives
Single touch payroll
Single Touch Payroll
Time and attendance options
Time & Attendance Options
End of month reporting
End of Month Reporting
payroll tax returns
Payroll Tax Returns
STP lodgements
STP Lodgements
Payroll legislation updates
Payroll Legislation Updates

How Can Our Payroll Consulting Services Help You?

Organisations should now seize the opportunities and challenges facing payroll. As payroll evolves, so should your internal functions to the extent that your payroll provider becomes a valued business partner, trusting our consulting payroll services can address gaps and enhance processes for your business.

4 key benefits of payroll consulting solutions for all businesses include:

1. Enhanced Accuracy

Our expert payroll consultants meticulously review every aspect of your payroll process, ensuring all calculations are precise and error-free. This attention to detail reduces the risk of discrepancies and ensures that your employees receive accurate and timely payments. By minimising payroll errors, we help maintain employee satisfaction and trust, which are crucial for a productive workforce.

Improve efficiency and accuracy

2. Regulatory Compliance

Navigating the complex landscape of payroll regulations can be challenging. Our payroll consultants stay up-to-date with the latest legal requirements and industry standards, ensuring your business remains compliant with all relevant laws. We proactively address potential compliance issues before they become problems, helping you avoid costly penalties and legal complications.

With i3Group, you can have peace of mind knowing that your payroll processes meet all regulatory requirements.

compliance assurance

3. Efficiency Boost

Streamline your payroll operations with our customized consulting solutions, designed to optimise your processes and eliminate inefficiencies. Our consultants work closely with your team to identify bottlenecks and implement best practices that enhance productivity.

By automating routine tasks and simplifying complex procedures, we free up valuable time and resources, allowing you to focus on strategic business activities that drive growth and success.

improved efficiency with payroll

4. Scalable Solutions

Whether your business is expanding or experiencing temporary resource constraints, our flexible payroll consulting services adapt to your changing needs. We provide scalable solutions that grow with your business, ensuring consistent support regardless of your workforce size or structure.

Our payroll consultants are equipped to handle various scenarios, from routine management to complex, multi-location operations. With i3Group, you get the expertise and flexibility needed to navigate the dynamic business environment.

scalable solutions with payroll consulting

The i3Group Difference - Why Us?

Regardless of your company size and complexity, i3Group offers a fully managed end-to-end payroll solution, fully customised to individual business needs - Find out more

australian owned

As a locally owned company, i3Group deeply understands the Australian business and regulatory environment, ensuring compliance and relevancy in their services.

high client retention

i3Group maintains a high retention rate due to their reliable, adaptive payroll services and outstanding customer support for a variety of clients in different industries.

education and experience

The team at i3Group consists of highly educated and experienced professionals who manage complex payroll tasks and stay updated with the latest legislative changes.

honest and ethical

i3Group is committed to honesty and ethical practices, prioritising transparency and integrity in all their dealings, which builds lasting trust with their clients.

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Valued Customer Comments

digital next australia

From the beginning, i3 Group has been extremely consultative and continue to deliver a complete payroll service without fault. We cannot remember a time when we haven’t been reliant upon i3Group and it’s a huge peace of mind knowing that I will never have to deal with payroll compliance or management again.

Steven Lord, Digital Next

We have been using the services of i3Group for near on 10 years now and truly appreciate the intimacy and support a smaller payroll provider brings to our business. John and the team at i3Group are not just a provider of payroll services for our business, but an integral part of our business that always strive to meet and exceed our expectations.

John Stevens, Tasman Butchers
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Tailored Payroll Consulting Management Services

Organisations should now seize the opportunities and challenges facing payroll. As payroll evolves, so should your internal functions to the extent that your payroll provider becomes a valued business partner. At i3Group, there is no scenario we have not witnessed and improved over 20 years of experience, solving countless payroll problems; and advising companies of all shapes and sizes.

Whether you’re lacking in functionality or looking to relieve the burdens of internal management, i3Group has vast experience in payroll consulting services, so, we encourage you to contact us today. We also provide various payroll handling services for your business, including business payroll services, cloud payroll offerings, payroll consultancy, and digital payroll services.


Call us on 1300 927 367book a demo or fill in the form to find out more today!

payroll consulting services

Payroll Consulting News & Guides

i3Group is dedicated to providing you with expert tips, guides and advice. Check out our latest payroll news and read our blog or case studies to learn more. - Find Out More

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Flexible Payroll FAQs

If you have questions about payroll consultant tips or how businesses can benefit, then explore some of our most frequently asked questions - Find Out More

  • What is payroll consulting?

    Payroll consulting involves providing expert advice and tailored solutions to businesses to enhance their payroll processes. Payroll consultants analyse your current payroll systems, identify inefficiencies, and recommend strategies to improve accuracy, compliance, and overall efficiency. They ensure that your business adheres to all relevant regulations and laws, helping to mitigate risks and avoid costly penalties.

    Payroll consultants bring specialised knowledge and industry best practices to your organisation, offering customised support that can range from streamlining payroll operations to implementing new technologies and software. Their goal is to ensure that your payroll system operates smoothly, accurately, and in full compliance with legal standards.

  • Why should my business consider payroll consulting services?

    Your business should consider payroll consulting services to ensure your payroll processes are accurate, compliant, and efficient. Payroll errors can lead to significant financial penalties, employee dissatisfaction, and legal issues. By engaging payroll consultants, you can avoid these pitfalls. They provide expert insights and recommendations to optimise your payroll operations, making them more efficient and reducing the likelihood of errors.

    Additionally, payroll consultants help you stay updated with the latest regulatory changes, ensuring compliance and preventing legal troubles. This professional guidance can free up your internal resources, allowing your team to focus on core business activities while experts handle the complexities of payroll management.

  • How can i3Group's payroll consulting services help my business?

    i3Group’s payroll consulting services can significantly benefit your business by providing expert guidance and tailored solutions to optimise your payroll processes. Our consultants bring over two decades of experience in handling payroll for Australian businesses, ensuring that your payroll operations are accurate, compliant, and efficient.

    We conduct a thorough assessment of your current payroll system, identify areas for improvement, and implement best practices to enhance accuracy and reduce errors. i3Group stays abreast of the latest regulatory changes, ensuring your business remains compliant with all legal requirements. Some of the typical benefits of our payroll advisory services include increased profitability, in-depth full reporting functions, easier management training and better data security.

    No matter the size of your business – small, medium, or large, it has specific demands and i3Group can help make your work easier to operate efficiently.

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At i3Group, consultation is a huge part of the startup process when outsourcing your payroll services. Simply fill out the form below for a free consulation with our payroll experts.

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