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With over 20 years of experience, we have delievered expert time and attendance solutions to Australian businesses. Our expertise ensures your workforce managment remains seamless and resilient, regardless of the challenges faced. From accurate time tracking to efficient rostering solutions, our customised approach will optimise your operational efficiency.


Reliable Time and Attendance Solutions

As one of the largest components of payroll processing, time and attendance systems such as timesheets and rostering can drastically eat away at your day. When not done correctly, can lead to significant issues for your business. By outsourcing timesheets and rostering solutions to a fully managed payroll services provider such as i3Group, you will significantly cut down on hours spent tracking schedules, awards, and supers whilst allowing for smooth and accurate pay for every employee, every time.

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Our Time and Attendance Software Systems

An adaptable time and attendance solution tailored for Australian businesses

Automate time and attendance and easily manage timesheet information. All employee’s timesheets are interpreted and calculated in real time according to their EBA or pay rule. Penalties, allowances, overtime, and other payment conditions are calculated so that at any time, you can look at budgeted costs. The payroll system can give your company a detailed look at labour costs and where changes can be made. The system can also offer additional insights in terms of employee attendance including absenteeism and leave trends.

Our time and attendance & rostering solutons include the following:

Employee self-serve kiosk, agriculture payroll
Smartphone App
Time and attendance options
Clocking Devices
costing splits
Facial Recognition
Single touch payroll
Mobile App with Geocoding
payroll processsing
Payroll Processing
Superannuation payment services
Superannuation Payment Services
Multi-factor authentication
Multi-Factor Authentication
monthly superannuation processing
Monthly Superannuation Processing
fair work compliance
Fair Work Compliance
Tailored Reporting
Tailored Reporting
End of month reporting
End of Month Reporting
payroll tax returns
Payroll Tax Returns
Payroll legislation updates
Payroll Legislation Updates

Understanding and Solving Your Time and Attendance Issues

Tracking employee time and movements between departments, sites or jobs can be made easy, and any differences in the schedule are highlighted for management. We support a variety of clocking devices to ensure accurate and efficient time capture using employee mobile or alternatively fingerprint or facial recognition technologies.

Benefits for your company alongside time and attendance systems include:

1. Increased employee engagement and efficiency

At i3Group, implementing time and attendance systems significantly boosts employee engagement and efficiency. Accurate tracking of working hours ensures that employees are fairly compensated for their time, leading to higher job satisfaction and motivation. Automated systems and rostering solutions reduce the administrative burden on HR, allowing them to focus on strategic initiatives that further enhance workplace productivity.

By eliminating manual processes and errors, employees can trust that their efforts are recognised and rewarded appropriately. This improved transparency and fairness fosters a more engaged and efficient workforce, driving overall business performance and growth.

Increased employee engagement and efficiency

2. Poor manual processes that slows the process down

Relying on manual processes for time and attendance can severely hinder your operational efficiency. Manual data entry is prone to errors, leading to payroll inaccuracies and delays that frustrate employees and waste valuable time.

At i3Group, our automated systems streamline these processes, reducing the likelihood of mistakes and ensuring timely payroll disbursements. By automating time tracking and rostering solutions, businesses can save countless hours previously spent on manual calculations and corrections. This not only speeds up payroll processing and rostering solutions but also frees up HR and management to focus on more strategic tasks, ultimately enhancing overall productivity.

Poor manual processes that slows the process down

3. Miscalculated wages and inaccurate payroll errors

Miscalculated wages and payroll errors are common issues with manual time tracking, leading to employee dissatisfaction and potential legal complications. i3Group’s time and attendance systems ensure precise tracking of hours worked, eliminating the risk of errors in payroll calculations.

Our time and attendance software guarantees that every minute worked is accurately recorded and paid, providing peace of mind for both employees and employers. Accurate payroll and rostering solutions foster trust and reliability, reducing disputes and enhancing overall employee morale. With i3Group, you can rest assured that your payroll is handled with the utmost accuracy and professionalism.

Miscalculated wages and inaccurate payroll errors

4. Time theft, time sheet or buddy clocking

Time theft and buddy clocking are significant concerns for businesses relying on manual attendance systems. These practices can lead to inflated labour costs and unfair wage distribution. i3Group’s advanced time and attendance solutions effectively combat these issues by using biometric verification and real-time monitoring. This ensures that only the hours genuinely worked are recorded and paid for, eliminating fraudulent practices.

By securing accurate attendance data, businesses can better manage labour costs, rostering solutions and promote a fair and honest workplace environment. Trust i3Group to safeguard your business against time theft and ensure integrity in your payroll processes.

Time theft, time sheet or buddy clocking

5. Real time view of working patterns

Having a real-time view of working patterns is crucial for effective workforce management. i3Group’s time and attendance systems provide instant access to accurate and up-to-date information on employee working hours. This visibility allows managers to make informed decisions on scheduling, overtime, and resource allocation, optimising productivity and reducing labour costs.

Real-time data helps identify trends and address issues such as absenteeism or overworking promptly. With i3Group’s solutions, businesses gain a comprehensive understanding of their workforce dynamics, enabling them to respond swiftly to changing demands and maintain operational efficiency.

Real time view of working patterns

The i3Group Difference - Why Us?

Regardless of your company size and complexity, i3Group offers a fully managed end-to-end payroll solution, fully customised to individual business needs - Find out more

australian owned

As a locally owned company, i3Group deeply understands the Australian business and regulatory environment, ensuring compliance and relevancy in their services.

high client retention

i3Group maintains a high retention rate due to their reliable, adaptive payroll services and outstanding customer support for a variety of clients in different industries.

education and experience

The team at i3Group consists of highly educated and experienced professionals who manage complex payroll tasks and stay updated with the latest legislative changes.

honest and ethical

i3Group is committed to honesty and ethical practices, prioritising transparency and integrity in all their dealings, which builds lasting trust with their clients.

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Valued Customer Comments

digital next australia

From the beginning, i3 Group has been extremely consultative and continue to deliver a complete payroll service without fault. We cannot remember a time when we haven’t been reliant upon i3Group and it’s a huge peace of mind knowing that I will never have to deal with payroll compliance or management again.

Steven Lord, Digital Next

We have been using the services of i3Group for near on 10 years now and truly appreciate the intimacy and support a smaller payroll provider brings to our business. John and the team at i3Group are not just a provider of payroll services for our business, but an integral part of our business that always strive to meet and exceed our expectations.

John Stevens, Tasman Butchers
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Simplify the Time and Attendance Process in Australia

The ability to compare actual vs budget labour costing, due to real timesheet data collection, has proven invaluable to our clients and allows them to reshuffle resources based on the analysis, achieving budgetary constraints.

The robust workflow, approval and exception-handling options allow your organisation the flexibility to decide how, and what timesheets are to be approved, by whom, and the level of automation you want in the approval process.

Outsourcing timesheets and rostering solutions is just one aspect of our flexible payroll services. We provide online servicesconsulting solutions, payroll integrations, and multi-factor authentication so that your time and attendance systems are efficient and fast.

Contact one of our rostering software specialists today to discuss and explore our full suite of outsourced payroll and attendance tracking services.


Call us on 1300 927 367book a demo or fill in the form to find out more today!

time and attendance and rostering solutions

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Time and Attendance FAQs

If you have further questions about time and attendance or rostering solutions, then explore our most frequently asked questions - Find Out More

  • What is time and attendance?

    Time and attendance refer to the system used by businesses to track and manage employees’ working hours and attendance. This includes recording when employees start and finish work, as well as any breaks taken. Modern systems often use digital tools such as biometric scanners, mobile apps, or web-based software to ensure accurate and efficient tracking.

    Managing time and attendance is crucial for payroll processing, compliance with labour laws, and optimising workforce productivity. Effective time and attendance systems help businesses reduce errors, prevent time theft, and ensure employees are compensated fairly for their work.

  • What is the purpose of timesheets?

    Timesheets are important for businesses using time and attendance systems. As it allows employers to track their employees’ work hours, and allows employees to keep tabs on their leave and holidays accrued. It also allows businesses to maintain records of hours worked to ensure that payroll is processed correctly, and that any billable hours are properly recorded.

  • What is a timesheet management system?

    A timesheet management system provides a way to monitor and track your employees’ recorded work hours. A timesheet management system can help ensure that you are efficiently and accurately recording your employees’ timesheets to effectively manage their payroll.

  • What are the benefits of online timesheet software?

    An online timesheet means that employees have the ability to clock in and out from any location. Employees can also be notified in real time quickly of any roster changes, which helps improve the efficiency of your payroll management system.

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At i3Group, consultation is a huge part of the startup process when outsourcing your payroll services. Simply fill out the form below for a free consulation with our payroll experts.

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