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Payroll Solutions Tailored To Medium-Sized Businesses

Medium-sized businesses are in a unique position in Australia’s economic landscape. Whilst they typically do have the resources and manpower to expand their business interstate, medium-sized businesses (i.e. businesses with around 100-200 employees) can also struggle to contend with global or transnational players. If you are feeling stuck in the middle, the best path of action is to optimise your company’s operational processes from the ground up.

Routinely evaluating your payroll systems is crucial to laying a strong operational foundation for your medium-sized business. Doing so can help ensure that your workforce can work productively and with all the administrative support they need to perform at their best.

i3Group provides modern and flexible payroll solutions that are designed to help medium-sized businesses scale up intuitively. Our innovative scheduling software, accompanying analytics and digital management technologies allow medium-sized business owners to enjoy greater convenience and improved autonomy in managing all the more intricate aspects of their company payroll. With our highly accessible payroll solutions, medium-sized businesses can enjoy the benefits of streamlining their company’s payroll and operational processes.

Get in touch with the team at i3Group today to learn more about our payroll services for medium-sized enterprises. If you require more information, call us today on 1300 927 367, book a demo or fill in the form to have a payroll professional contact you.

Premium Payroll Services For Medium Business Budgets

For medium-sized businesses who are looking to expand into new territories and markets, maintaining adequate capital to fund this expansion is key. Simultaneously, however, medium-sized business owners need to ensure that they can onboard new staff if their growth calls for greater manpower. So optimising your company’s operational budget is crucial to facilitating sustainable business growth.

As your company’s time and attendance system and other payroll interfaces are considered to be the backbone of your business, taking measures to make sure that these tech assets align with your company budget can naturally help support your medium-sized business in reaching all of its performance goals.

Our team at i3Group will work with you to design a payroll solution that accommodates your medium-sized enterprise and all its evolving reporting, analytics, and administrative needs. Get in touch with our team today to see what payroll solutions we can offer for your medium-sized enterprise.

Get in touch with our team today to see what payroll solutions we can offer for your medium-sized enterprise. Want to see what payroll services we can offer for your medium-sized enterprise? Get started by viewing our payroll management services and our industry solutions today.

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No matter the size of your business – small, medium, or large, it has specific demands and i3Group can help make your work easier to operate efficiently. Talk to our team today about the payroll services we offer to different company sizes and let us customise a solution that you can confidently support, ensuring optimal results for your enterprise.



50-100 Employees (Small Sized Businesses)

As a small business with 50-100 employees discover how our professional services can meet your payroll requirements and optimise your payroll processes with efficiency.


200-1000 Employees (Global/Large Businesses)

A global or large-scale enterprise with a staff strength ranging between 200-1,000 employees, requires seamless and secure payroll solutions. 

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