Onboarding is an essential part of recruitment, designed to support new employees and to collate personal data for payroll purposes. If executed correctly, it can also be an incredible time-saving software. Electronic onboarding has become the standard for many businesses, although there are still some who rely on manual onboarding or several software services to complete an electronic onboarding.

If your business is auditing its onboarding program, consider the advantages of electronic onboarding and how this can further boost the benefits of payroll software.

1. Save time

Arguably the greatest advantage of electronic onboarding is the time it saves employers. Communicating with new employees to gather all information and facilitate information and processes will always take time. Electronic onboarding systems will automate this communication so that the data gathering and follow-up prompts are happening in the background, rather than taking time from your Human Resources team. The time-saving properties of these automated and intuitive platforms are one of the key benefits of payroll software.

2. Improve efficiency

Efficiency is the key ingredient to business growth, and it is absolutely critical to a workplace that is hiring and onboarding a growing team. Just as online payroll and outsourced payroll have improved the efficiency for thousands of businesses, electronic onboarding is another area that can sharpen the output for a number of business types. If you have a dispersed team that operates around the country, with stakeholders who require cloud payroll and onboarding access, then this is a solution that will benefit your business.

3. Boost engagement

In addition to collecting payroll information and superannuation data, an electronic onboarding system can also be a great engagement generator. Depending on the electronic onboarding system you use, there is the option to populate the platform with your own branding and tone of voice so that these automated emails are full of your unique flair and designed to get candidates excited about starting. Your employees will also feel confident in a streamlined system, rather than waiting for contracts to be sent manually or to receive confirmation that payroll details have been entered correctly.

4. Accountability

Typically the onboarding process is managed collectively by Human Resources, Payroll and the manager of the department hiring. This does not necessarily mean that there are three professional teams managing the process, and oftentimes the accountability is not split in the way it needs to be to ensure a positive onboarding. Working with an electronic onboarding system means that each of these departments simply has to populate the relevant information and paperwork, with the automated prompts also alerting these teams to action next steps in the onboarding journey.

5. Reduce error rate

An electronic onboarding system will ensure that every detail is delivered throughout your onboarding process, eliminating the chance of a less-than-perfect onboarding due to human error and other pressures that arise throughout a workweek. Onboarding and payroll represent very important functions in a business. Making mistakes in this area can create large and inconvenient consequences, with errors that will need to be corrected by many stakeholders. The thoroughness of a modern electronic onboarding system will be a great investment, with its compliance being one of the greatest benefits of payroll software.

6. Streamline overall business processes

They say that when motivation strikes, big-picture planning and execution should be done. An electronic onboarding system will allow you to brainstorm your onboarding journey and replicate it in your system so that it is rolled out to that same level of perfection for every onboard. This means that your management teams and even Human Resources can be on holiday or otherwise occupied and the onboarding system will still deliver a seamless, integrated experience for the employee and ensure that employers also have what they need to set their team up for success.

Should your business implement an electronic onboarding system?

It is worth noting that the size of a business should not dictate whether an electronic onboarding system is warranted. The benefits of payroll software and onboarding solutions can be transformative, and can significantly change the perception of a new employee starting out on the right foot in your company.

If you would like to learn more about electronic onboarding and how that can be integrated with an outsourced payroll solution, contact i3Group today. An experienced payroll professional will be able to provide a detailed plan that best fits your business needs, and take you through a demo.

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