Are you thinking of hiring temporary staff for your business? There is a misguided assumption that ‘temporary’ equates to inferior, and when it comes to staffing, there couldn’t be more to the story. That’s not to say there aren’t considerations to make before you go down that road, but it’s a nuanced discussion that will involve a number of stakeholders and factors. If this is something you are weighing up for your business, let’s look at the pros and cons of hiring temporary staff in your business.

Pro – It won’t cost you the money or the commitment.

Not many things about business management are ‘no strings’, least of all staff. This is where temporary staff adds intrinsic value, as you don’t need to commit to a long or infinite contract. Planning for the year ahead can be so much easier when you can plot which months will be supported by temporary staff, and back to your base staff whenever you require. No awkward conversations or over-inflated payroll, just a model that works for you. The cost benefits are another key driver for this consideration, so look at your books and decide whether a temporary staff member will save you more than a permanent staff member that may not be fully required. Outsourced services are a popular third alternative, with our team providing a permanent or temporary solution for your payroll outsourcing needs.

Con – Regular onboarding can be gruelling.

Onboarding is one of the most critical stages for a new starter, but it becomes very gruelling if you have to execute an in-depth onboarding at regular intervals throughout the year. All for them to leave shortly thereafter. Temporary staff do add great value but at the cost of your time and effort in bringing them up to speed. If you don’t have the manpower to do this regularly and to a high standard, you might not get much joy from temporary staff. Once again, this is where an outsourced solution like i3 Group’s will be most attractive, as the onboarding process is localised to that core role function, acting as a ‘consultant’ over ‘staff’.

Pro – Enables growth and flexibility.

If you’ve been pitching for a new client or account, you want to have the staff and resources at the ready to take on the increased workload. Temporary staff can facilitate this need, sliding into your operation and delivering a seamless output from the inception of your new workload. Conversely, it also covers you when your permanent staff go on extended breaks, secondments, maternity leave and any other unpredictable circumstances that befall any business.

Con – Your team morale could be impacted.

Team morale is a fragile concept and something that needs to be nurtured continuously by extending respect and communication to your team. Unfortunately, many businesses get this wrong and temporary staff can be a contributing fact to some of your team feeling unenthused about work and the business. It’s important to remember that this is not the case for all workplaces and scenarios, but it is worth considering before you make the decision. If you want to get a proactive jump on this, talk to your staff ahead of the new hires to gauge their sentiment, and mitigate from there. Who knows, they could be thrilled with the idea of further support in their team.

We’re accustomed to many business setups at i3 Group, and our experienced team of financial and payroll specialists are always available to discuss any concerns or queries you have in this space. Contact i3 Group today for a free quote on all outsourced solutions.

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