With more and more businesses migrating to an outsourced payroll solution, it’s natural that you discuss and question the feasibility within your own business. The benefits to an outsourced and autonomous payroll solution are many, and yet teams remain in their outdated and stunted payroll scenario. If you’re curious to understand how does payroll outsourcing work, let’s take a look at the steps and processes you can expect from this enhanced solution.

Firstly, what is payroll outsourcing?

Payroll outsourcing has benefitted small, medium and large operations. Replacing the need for a payroll employee, or in some cases an entire team, the outsourced resource will take on the responsibilities of traditional payroll which include calculating payroll, reporting, approvals, payroll tax filing, compliance and deposits. It ensures total automation, with the peace of mind that comes with knowing all reporting and payroll processes will be completed with absolute accuracy.

How does it work?

So, what happens between signing up with an outsourced payroll provider and payday? A report will be provided to our outsourced payroll team, which will be an up-to-date assessment of the number of employees, hours worked, rate of pay/salary, holiday loading and benefits. Essentially your employee data is handed to the capable hands of financial professionals and leading software designed for precision and compliance. From here, our payroll professionals will be able to implement a payroll structure based on your unique data. Payments will then be distributed as they always have been, allowing you to get back to the work at hand – completely hands-free.

What about reporting?

There are some reports that we review regularly, and others are generated on a need basis. Choosing an outsourced payroll provider like i3 Group will not prohibit you from accessing the reports you need, in fact, they can be administered on your behalf and presented to a higher standard than those circulated within the average office. Discuss with our representative the reporting functions you require and find out how this outsourced function has informed teams across all industries.

The right fit

Just as each workplace has its own unique flow, so too do the outsourced payroll providers out there. There are some areas where a generic search will yield you the right result, but your payroll is not something to lump in with the mundane. Take the time to look for a provider which makes the most sense to your business, ensuring that the solution fits the size of your workforce. Also, make sure your provider is compliant with single touch payroll and has a robust multi-factor authentication process.


If you or your greater team still have questions and considerations concerning an outsourced payroll solution, allow us to walk you through the process and help you understand what to expect. Our clients have re-allocated those hours that were previously lost to payroll, working to enhance core business functions and seek out advantageous opportunities. You can too. Call our payroll professionals on 1300 927 367, or request a quote today.

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