Why Choose i3Group for Your Payroll Outsourcing? There are many companies out there offering payroll outsourcing services in Australia, but i3Group stand out clearly from the pack. Here’s why:

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We Have 100% Client Retention We are extremely proud of the fact we have never lost a client to one of our competitors. Our 100% client retention rate is not by chance. It is due to the high quality of work our payroll specialists do, as well as i3Group’s business ethos of integrity, technical expertise, and great customer service.

Educated and Experienced Staff With i3Group, you can rest assured your payroll consultant is not a data entry clerk, but rather a qualified payroll specialist. Each staff member at i3Group is fully qualified and experienced in payroll management.بنك-سامبا-تداول-الاسهÙ

arbeta hemifrån med agel Our team members have extensive industry experience, and we dedicate a considerable amount of time and resources to training and education.

We Understand Your Business We take the time to truly understand your business and its payroll requirements. With a diverse client base and extensive industry experience, there is no payroll management problem we have not come across and resolved.

Pricing and Quality

click i3Group is a payroll service provider that can offer you premium services at a very competitive price. There are no hidden costs – all our charges are completely transparent and you only ever pay for what you use.

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Security and Privacy

here Our outstanding commitment to privacy and information security is what sets us apart among payroll specialists. Read our privacy statement to learn more. forix H3: We Are Australian Owned and Operated i3Group is completely Australian based, owned, and operated. We do not outsource any part of our business overseas.

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Web Based Convenience Our team of payroll specialists has 24/7 online and remote access; meaning your payroll management needs are taken care of easily and conveniently. We are one of the only few web based payroll outsourcing companies to offer this service.

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Human Resources Information System Service Our software contains a unique human resources system which allows you to manage not only your payroll function but also your human resources.

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100% client Retention

100% Client

Australian Owned & Operated

Australian Owned & Operated

Fully Customised Solution

Fully Customised Solution