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How to Encourage Creativity in the Workplace posted in Employee Entitlements by

As a leading provider of business payroll services, we have been exposed to the procedures and cultures of many workplaces, both efficient and otherwise. One of the difficulties experienced...

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17 Sep, 14

Employer Responsibilities When Hiring Staff posted in Recruitment by

When hiring employees, a business manager is responsible for ensuring that they are complying with all current workplace laws and submitting required paperwork to all the relevant authorities such... read the rest

17 Apr, 14

New Anti-Bullying Laws

الخيارات الثنائية التحكيم posted in Fair Work by

The Australian government introduced new anti-bullying legislation on 1 January 2014 as a way of cracking down on bullying in the workplace and making organisations accountable for what is... read the rest

06 Mar, 14

Superannuation: An Essential Part of Payroll Processing posted in Superannuation by

As a payroll service company, we at i3Group are aware of the hectic schedules of business owners and the limitations on their time. Payroll processing is often one of...

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20 Feb, 14