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source url As a leading payroll services company, we at i3Group have seen the inner workings of many different types of organisations, from small businesses, not for profit organisations through to multinational companies.  Each company is different, with its own unique set of people, organisational structure, culture, set of values, operating rhythm as well as policies and processes.

كيف يجعلك اليوتيوب تربح المال The one thing that we have noticed over the many years that we have been providing business payroll services is that there has been a steady acceptance of flexible working arrangements by employers. We have seen this firsthand in the increased number of companies offering flexible work arrangements just by looking at individual employee timesheets and rosters.

go here So why is this?

موقع تداول بورصة الذهب More employees are seeking flexible work arrangements than ever before, in the quest to find a better work life balance. Common types of flexible working arrangements are:

  • flexible start times and finish times
  • increased job share roles
  • working from home
  • reduction in hours such as full time hours to part-time hours or casual hours
  • consolidating full time rosters into shorter work weeks

see url The statistics show that flexible working arrangements can be mutually beneficial for both employees and companies. Some of the benefits that companies receive from offering flexible working arrangements are:

  • Increased employee satisfaction and team morale
  • Reduced tardiness, absenteeism and attrition
  • Improved staff retention
  • Retain valuable talent
  • Greater staff engagement and loyalty
  • Increased performance and productivity As one of Australia’s premier payroll outsourcing services, i3Group can complete payroll processing accurately and timely – regardless of the complexities of your organisation’s flexible working arrangements. Contact us on 1300 725 647 and let us help improve your business efficiency and labour utilisation whilst reducing operational costs.

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