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Safeguard Your Salary with Income Protection posted in Fair Work, Payroll by

With the cost of living increasing in Australia securing an occupation that offers a higher salary has become a priority just to stay on top of the regular expenses...

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30 Oct, 15

Breaching the Fair Work Act: An Increase in Penalties posted in Fair Work by

A new Federal Bill, the Crimes Legislation Amendment (Penalty Unit) Bill 2015, is proposed to amend the Crimes Act 1914 (Cth) to increase the value of a penalty unit for Commonwealth criminal offences,...

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27 Jul, 15

Managing Change in the Workplace posted in Fair Work by

The period between early January and mid February is the busiest of the year for staff turnover rates. And if your employee retention strategies have failed you, this period... read the rest

03 Feb, 15

Tax and super for new employees posted in Employee Entitlements, Fair Work by

Tax and super contribution obligations are not only core components of business operation, but are mandatory by law. Engaging new workers without considering your business’ legal tax and super...

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03 Dec, 14