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Avoiding the Scrutiny of the Fair Work Ombudsman posted in Fair Work by

watch As a leading payroll outsourcing company, i3Group keeps up to date with the latest reforms on industrial relations and workplace legislation.

ساعات التداول خيار ثنائي Here are some useful tips on how organisations could ensure that they are doing the right thing and complying to all relevant legal requirements and avoid being involved in Fair Work disputes. Compliance is a non-negotiable

go Ensuring that your business is in compliance with all workplace laws and regulations is essential. Compliance is not an option and it is not negotiable. It is compulsory. The Fair Work website actually has extensive information on each of the laws pertaining to running a business as well as managing staff.  It is crucial that your business doesn’t just satisfy the relevant laws but continues to seek ways in which to further improve. If your business stays ahead of the curve and is proactive rather than reactive in mitigating Fair Work issues the better off it will be. Timely intervention is crucial

see Addressing staff concerns swiftly and taking quick action is crucial in diffusing an escalating problem, especially as many issues often start off with a disgruntled employee looking for acknowledgement, an apology or a quick and simple solution. When a problem arises and is not addressed in a timely manner, this can fester and turn into something much larger and more difficult to rein in. Doing this will help to “nip the issue in the bud” before it intensifies and involves the Fair Work Ombudsman. كسب المال مع الفوركس Conduct self-audits Businesses should also conduct their own audits to review and evaluate its own processes and policies so that they can be tweaked and adjusted if necessary to comply not only with the ever changing workplace laws but also to fine tune policies if necessary. Businesses that objectively analyse their operations and seek continuous improvement will stand to gain much from this process.

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10 Apr, 14

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