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Are You Networking Effectively?

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click here Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn – it’s all about sharing. But are we connecting? In a culture increasingly concerned with the “sharing” of information – photos, videos, status updates, the list goes on – are Australians going the full mile (or, rather, kilometre) to do the kind of networking that contributes to career growth? In instances of joblessness or career change, Australians tend to shy away from connecting with new people, as if there is a kind of shame associated with unemployment. But this is the time when we need to be most industrious in our efforts to increase job opportunities. Without broadening our scope, how can we expect to grow and develop beyond the known community? It is essential to push the boundaries of the comfort zone and make meaningful connections with people outside of the known network. And on this point, too, there must be diligence, not merely presence. Do we make meaningful connections with the people we meet, or are we merely sharing our details?

موقع سوق الاسهم السعودي Being careful to make meaningful connections results in building an effective network that will serve you, not a huge one.

yrken att jobba hemifrån While this might mean refraining from pounding the “Add Friend” icon, it must still be said that successful people tend to surround themselves with successful people. A little bit of schmoozing never hurt anyone, but keep it in line. Some things to keep in mind: برنامج التجاره • There are business networking groups and events where likeminded people meet and build on their businesses, or develop or kick-start their careers. These networking opportunities mean that you don’t need to harass people who prefer to be left alone. Look for networking groups in your local area.

الخيارات الثنائية إشارات الفيديو • If you are going out on a limb to develop connections with busy people, be useful and be confident. Show your potential employer or advocate what you’ve got to share.

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get link • Make the most of LinkedIn to connect with people in your industry. But be aware that idle connections are fruitless – keep your LinkedIn page current, share content regularly and engage with people in your industry. Clicking “Connect” is not enough.

enter • Aside from LinkedIn, there are many great networking groups Australia wide. A few, recommended by Dummies, include:

source4Networking Australia
Success Women’s Network
She Business
Rotary Australia
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