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i3Group is a team of payroll specialists that boasts a 100% client
, having never lost a client to a competitor.

i3Group chosen out of 27 providers!

i3Group's team of experienced payroll specialists
ensures a seamless, cost effective payroll solution

i3Group chosen out of 27 providers!
i3Group is a highly competent and safe payroll outsourcing
partner, backed by a strong team of payroll specialists
i3Group chosen out of 27 providers!
i3Group chosen out of 27 providers!
i3Group's strong technical expertise and superior
customer service skills guarantees peace of mind
100% client Retention

100% Client

Australian Owned & Operated

Australian Owned & Operated

Fully Customised Solution

Fully Customised Solution


i3Group is a successful Australian owned and operated payroll services provider based in Melbourne. With a strong commitment to excellence, i3Group is extremely passionate about delivering accurate, professional and timely payroll management services. Our 100% client retention rate is a testament to our track record – we nurture and maintain every client relationship to promote your success.|

More Time for What Matters

Payroll can be tricky – it’s not a core business activity and yet it is critically important to the smooth running of any business. At i3Group, we work hard to be payroll specialists, so when you outsource payroll to us you can rest assured that it will be taken care of quickly and efficiently. This frees up more of your resources for core business activities.


Our Payroll Outsourcing Service

Outsourcing payroll services can be a very difficult and emotional decision. It is understandable that you might have concerns around trust, confidentiality, and customer service when engaging a payroll service provider. Here at i3Group, we guarantee professional and ethical conduct at all times to alleviate these concerns.

Ethics and Integrity

We pride ourselves on working and acting with integrity – a foundation on which our business has been built. We use reputable online payroll software to guarantee the highest levels of information security. Working in our clients’ best interests has made us one of Melbourne’s leading payroll specialists.


If you are looking for a payroll service provider in Melbourne, contact the payroll specialists at i3Group today. Call us on +613 8340 1600 or enquire online.


Payroll Processing

We can undertake payroll management on a weekly, fortnightly, or monthly basis. Ad hoc processing such as bonus runs, terminations, and redundancies can also be run in between your normal processing times.

Superannuation Payment Services

We can undertake all necessary calculations and disbursements to complying superannuation funds – including self-managed funds.

Time and Attendance

Whether you have simple or complex time and attendance rules, we can factor these in when you outsource your payroll to us. Our software allows us to accommodate all time and attendance systems, enabling a more efficient process. If you use a third party clocking system, this can also be incorporated.

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